I.T.C. company has been established in 2012 as Business Relationship Management focused on representation of products for workplace safety .

Our target is to create and present you a collection of suitable and competitive items, combined with a well-considered business strategy and a constant attention and dedication to the various needs and expectation of our customers.

Regarding the collection of boots in PVC, PVC nitrile and polyurethane, we are the sole representatives and distributors of Bosnian company which provides us with reliable and professional service, respect for quality and on-time delivery.

In order to expand our offer of PPE products, we have recently started some new business cooperation with the purpose to enlarge our range, evolving our proposals also in other fields of the safety sector like : hands protection with gloves in Cotton, PU and Nitrile ; head protection with different styles of helmets and headsets ; eyes protection with a wide collection of safety glasses .

Quality Reports


Material Controls

We care about the quality of the products we propose, this is why ITC pays special attention to the materials used by the representing suppliers.

A particular interest is focused on REACH conformity which introduces a wide range of requirements on component suppliers and equipment manufacturers .

In particular, REACH introduces requirements on all suppliers in the supply chain (components, sub-assemblies, finished equipment etc) to Provide declarations for substances of very high concern (SVHC) on the REACH Candidate List from October 2008 and its further updates.

We are proud to offer on the market products that comply with this important regulation trying to reduce the use of critical substances with the purpose to offer PPE with complete absence of phthalates .

Our Customers, First!

With the support of our suppliers we can offer a customized product offering all kind of personalization labels, boxes, branded logo of your company and the possibility also to modify the design of some parts of the products like the sole of the boot, with the consultancy of our technicians we could be able to create the PPE of your desires !

That’s why we want to put you first ! We believe that our distributors are real partners . Your satisfaction and good achievement represent our most important priority and the reason of our efforts .

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